Lice are external parasites of birds and mammals. Adults live up to a month, in which time a female may lay up to 200 eggs. Eggs usually hatch in 3-5 days. Lice require a host and only live a few days without one. This is true for all lice, including head lice.

We are focusing more on bird lice. Birds generally nest in roof voids or under gutters etc. The adults transmit lice to their chicks. The chicks take time to mature and this is when people experience lice infestations in their homes.

Lice generally filter down through light fittings and vents and irritate the skin, making it very uncomfortable to sleep. Removal of the nest and a professional treatment is vital in solving the problem.

The two most common types are the starling mite or the poultry red mite. Similarly, mites exist in bird nesting material or where birds or poultry are kept as pets.

They filter down from roof voids where wild birds are nesting or are brought indoors from pet birds. Other types of mites occur in old books and paper products and also in accumulating dust.






Australian Paralysis Tick: the most dangerous of ticks. Female ticks feed on blood and often lay their eggs on vegetation. Our fauna like wallabies and bandicoots spread ticks to our homes. In high risk areas it is good to keep the garden neat and tidy.

Adult ticks are very toxic and can kill dogs and even children from poisoning. Adults can become very sick. There is a tick serum, which can be administered by a vet when your dog or cat has been bitten. It is important that homeowner co-operate with pest professionals is helping to control the problem.

Grass tick: a common tick, mostly encountered in the north shore and northern beaches. It is difficult to distinguish a paralysis tick from a grass tick. Both types behave in the same way. Children and adults usually encounter them whilst in the garden. It is important to maintain gardens in a neat and tidy way in order to minimise tick infestations.

Treatments are generally successful if the home owners co-operate with us.

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