Fleas are very small parasitic insects. Adult fleas are blood suckers, the majority feeding on mammals like dogs and cats. Their bites may cause severe irritation and when the conditions are right they breed at an alarming rate, giving us pest controllers a run for our money. Effective control can be achieved but not without the co-operation of the home owner.

Fleas have the ability to slow or even stop their growth until conditions become favourable for their survival. They can go up 4 months without a meal and just lay dormant until a host arrives. They are fast moving and easily jump from one host to another.

Flea control in pets has become an issue of late as they become resistant to the flea control products very quickly. It is very important to alternate between products regularly and to vacuum the home frequently, minimising the amount of pet hair.

Flea bites in humans often occur around the legs or ankles. They develop into small red spots which become irritating and itchy. Fleas transmit diseases and often flea bites can lead to infection in humans.

Flea control can be difficult depending on the conditions, the level of infestation and the condition of the home.

With our expert advice and knowledge, we can help.

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