Ants are social insects that live as part of a colony and have nests. The nest comprises of a Queen, workers and soldiers. Colony sizes vary enormously and are mostly located in soil and paths, under concrete, among rockery, in wall cavities, in door and window frames and even roof voids. Not limited to these.


White Footed House AntWhiteFootedAnt

A common black ant found in Sydney. They have a very complex colony structure with multiple queens. They are commonly found in garden areas and inside structures. They enter homes more frequently in dryer periods in search of food and water and will eat meat or sweet foods. Technology has caught up and we have excellent safe baits available to control infestations.



Black Antblack-ant

Also very common throughout Sydney their colony structure is of a single Queen and a single defined nest. It nests inside buildings and is often found in kitchens and pantries in search of sugary liquids. Yes we can help control these pests.



Coastal Brown Antscoastal-brown-ant

These ants are found in and around paths, pavers and soil. They bring up soil and sand in between pavers and can loosen or even sink pavers and path ways. They love sandy soil and they have large headed major workers amongst smaller worker ants which makes them very distinctive. They will eat anything but prefer protein, fats and oils. Baits are available to eliminate infestations.




These are larger brown ants that like nesting in moist or decaying wood. Often found in wall cavities where the timber is decaying. They prefer sugary liquids and often come indoors in search of water. Treatment can be difficult depending on where the nest is located.



Argentine Antsarg-ant

These ants are an introduced species from South America. Infestations can be enormous with hundreds of queens and millions of workers, often taking over garden beds. Elimination is complex but can be controlled.



There are many other ant species that love our city but those listed are the most common pest species that we encounter frequently. Most ant species can be controlled using the best baits and our expert knowledge.

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