Cockroaches eat almost anything and are mainly nocturnal insects which hide during the day and become active as it gets dark. Occupants are usually unaware of the level of infestations in their home as the cockroaches come out when they are in bed.

Most cockroaches rest in tight cracks and crevices and are very territorial. Egg cases carried by females may contain up to 40 offspring and females can produce up to 30 eggs per year. That’s 40×30 = 1200 cockroaches per female. Cockroaches contaminate food products, utensils and can even damage electronics such as dishwashers, fridges and microwaves etc. by defecating and regurgitating.

They spread disease and where infestations occur, give off a very unpleasant odour.


German Cockroach

The smaller German cockroach is probably the most successful and widespread cockroach that coexists with humans in buildings. They are not normally found outdoors. Although they have wings, they cannot fly. They are normally brought in by the occupant in boxes or food packages. They are prolific breeders and if left unattended can infest kitchens very quickly and spread to other parts of the home or business. They like warm areas and are commonly found behind fridges, kettles, microwaves and especially kitchen cupboards where the food and water source is plenty. They carry diseases such as Salmonella. Their lifespan is 4-6 months.

Treatment for these pests is very successful.


American Cockroach

A larger cockroach that is generally found outdoors in the warmer months. It also inhabits dwellings and is commonly found in roof voids, wall cavities, behind furniture, in garages and areas of excessive stored goods. These cockroaches can fly and are attracted to lights at night. It glues its eggs to surfaces such as walls, packaging and boxes etc. ensuring its dispersal. Adults live from 6-12 months and during its life a female may produce close to 20 eggs containing up to 16 babies each.

Treatment is also very successful.



The two cockroach species listed above are the most common and problematic. Other species of cockroaches such as the Smoky brown, Australian, Brown banded and Oriental are also found in and around dwellings but do not seem to infest. To the homeowner, a cockroach is a cockroach but to a professional we are able to identify the species and treat accordingly.


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