Honey Bee

Honey bees often leave hives and settle in and around houses. When they establish themselves in walls or roof voids, they present problems. Sometimes they are seen suddenly in trees or against buildings in massive swarms. These colonies are often in transit and although confronting, usually move on after the queen has rested for up to a few days. However, where bees have decided to call your place home, they can be successfully treated. Removal of the hive can be difficult depending on the location in your property.


Mortar Bees

These bees differ from honey bees, they are larger and have coloured bands across their abdomen. Old brick houses with soft or crumbling mortar are a favourite spot for the females to burrow, often causing widespread holes in the brick mortar. The female bee often lines the burrow with a waxy material to protect her young which are reared in the burrows. Chemical treatment is temporary. The best treatment is to replace the soft mortar.


Papernest/European Wasp

These wasps are a nuisance throughout Sydney. They congregate on either a mud like or papery nest material to rear their young. They enjoy the sun and are often found in areas that enjoy full sun. There are some people who may have allergic reactions from their sting. Their sting is very painful and can cause death in some cases. Treatment for these wasps is often very successful.

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